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All prices in US Dollars For Canadian prices, CLICK HERE
All prices in US Dollars. For Canadian prices, CLICK HERE .
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Arborist Supplies
Save on Climbing Supplies!

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Felling & Log handling supplies!

Safety Wear
Muffs, Chaps and much more!

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Save on Chain & Accessories!

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Professional & Consumer Models

Spur, Powermates and Rims!

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Twrenches, Filters, Carb Kits and more!

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Note: All prices quoted in American dollars. For Canadian prices, click here.

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Cutter's Choice: Serving arborists, woodcutters, government, landscapers, and do-it-yourselfers.

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Cutter's Choice is committed to selling quality chainsaw parts, arborist supplies and lawnmower parts to their core group of customers which include arborists, woodcutters, landscapers and do-it-yourselfers at discount prices!

Why choose Cutter's Choice?
* Save with Discount Prices!!
* Fast and Reliable Service
* Secure On-Line Ordering
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• Biodegradable in natural enviroment, ultimately being converted to carbon dioxide & water.
• Our alternative towards a greener future!
42806 - .065 DIA
42807 - .080 DIA
42808 - .095 DIA

42836 - .065 DIA
42837 - .080 DIA
42838 - .095 DIA


• Fits most gas trimmers
• Serrated nylon strips with locking design for quick change!
• Holds (3) fingers for quick trimming
42826 - Trimmer Head
42827 - 9 Pack Refill Strips


• Designed to keep ethanol from separating the gas
• Cleans and lubricates engine components
42613- Ethanol Treatment


• Quickest loading head!
• Load line without taking apart
• Bump feed dispenses
line quickly & easily
• Comes with adapters

  10mm x 1.25 LMF,
  8mm x 1.25 LMM,
  7mm x 1.00 LHM
87217 - Trimmer Head


• Multi-ratio formula
• Includes fuel stabelizer
• Premium 100% synthetic formula
• Formulated for all
2-cycle air cooled engines
42611 - 1 Gallon Mix (6 pk)
42611 - 1 Gallon Mix (24 pk)

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